Ain’t gotta lie to kick it

What it comes down to is this-I’m really just a rez chick-kicking it in the city, while I have to. I am a single mom to 3 amazing boys and one bad ass girl. MY first love is and always will be baseball. I love to create whether that be with paint, beads, quills, or words…just know I am leaving pieces of me all over this world.

Go Yankees!


13 thoughts on “Ain’t gotta lie to kick it

  1. Good luck with your blog, and making things work in your life. Blogging may help, it helps me. Sometimes you find something inside yourself you didn’t know was there.

  2. It helps me too, I’m from a generation that was taught shame of what we are (I’m 60). My grandmother took my father from Ft Yuma when he was a baby, they wanted to be like Americans, even tho they knew they would never be one – they could be like them, and be accepted by some of them. It helps me find distant memories, and gives me another connection to my big girl, who’s a poet.

  3. RezChick- I have read this, and my heart goes out to your city dwelling.
    But it is ‘home’ while it lasts.

    Oso- I remember too my parents shaming me into many things- (OK, mostly my mom). But have tried for my life to outgrow that all. I’m 53-

    RezC- I also read your Lakota words of Thanksgiving- You struck a chord so deep in my soul- and I thank you for that. (I am Chippewa; Sault Tribe).


  4. I used to know a Dana Lone Hill and she looked a lot like you. She went to boarding school at Pine Ridge. Last I saw her she was marrying a middle eastern man and going back to his country with him. We were about 20 years old about that time.

    • Her name was Jeaneen she is my mother. She didn’t marry a “Middle Eastern man” but a Persian man, she went back to Iran with him and they were married for maybe 2 or 3 years. I am Dana her oldest daughter.

  5. Your book has brought lots of memories for me. My husband and I are from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and we lived in Mobridge, SD, for only three years but it was a looooooong three years. Though I am white, I had culture shock and related more to the Indians than to those other people. Cold as the weather. But I digress. Thank you for writing the raw truth.

      • I finished your book days ago and I keep thinking about it. I read on your blog how native kids get taken and put into the foster/adoption cycle still in THIS DAY AND TIME and it sickens me to tears. I want to encourage you to keep writing. When do you think your next novel will come out? You are high on my favorites list now.

  6. I want to thank you for writing your novel, Pointing With Lips. I just spent a week on Pine Ridge. Before I left to go there, it was suggested to me that I read On the Rez by Ian Frazier. But I didn’t want a white guy’s perspective (although I am white). So I found your novel. I started reading it before I left for PR, continued reading it while I was there, and just finished reading it this a.m. (I got home from PR Sat. night). I look forward to reading more of your writing.

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