Reservation Sky

photo by Natalie Stites

photo by Natalie Stites

As far as I roam
Horizons endless
Prairie grass
Waving, shining, golden
In prairie wind
Meeting the reservation sky
Until they are parted
So violently
By asphalt driven across
By not one person
Caring about the horizon
Asphalt leading way to concrete
And glass and big city dreams
Not in the Lakota tongue, yet
Rising next out of prairie grass
Offering opportunity
Away from the reservation sky
That shines down beautifully in
A thousand thousand colors
On a young Lakota girl
Wanting more than prairie grass
And the beauty of the sky
That beckons so many of us home



5 thoughts on “Reservation Sky

  1. I am not from the Reservation, but I was born in SW Minnesota. I love the prairies, the wind, the feel of my home. From the time we left ,and I was small ,I missed it. I missed my Grandparents, my connections, my Petroglyphs here. There is no other place I have lived where I feel more at home. Even when times are hard I still feel HOME.

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